Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My projects

I have many projects that I have been working on. They include two quilts, one queen size that in the left over fabric from PJ pants that I made for Christmas one year and the other is a quilt for my daughter crib. The crib one is done except for the binding, I messed it up the first time and have been scared to try it again. The queen size one needs to be quilted, the binding done and it would be done. It cost about $70 around here to get it quilted. I can not do it on my machine because it is far to big. I really just have to find the time to go over to my husbands grandparents and use their quilting machine and get it done.

I have been looking for something I could do for Christmas. I would love to sew something, but my dear children broke my sewing machine and I will not have it till Thanksgiving or Christmas. I have been thinking about making these sock monkeys . I think they are really cute. I really need more ideas though, for both children ages 0-17 and adults. I don't want to have to buy everything. I was also thinking for the grandparents to make them a family album . I will be making them at our next MOPS meeting, so I will see how that goes. Any other ideas are welcome.

*UPDATE (11/16/08): I have made the albums, they turned out super cute, but the supplies were hard to get where I live. I have also add a few projects to my list. I have two quilts to make for my sisters babies that are due in May, fleese blankets for them, flannel wipes/wash clothes and some tutus. This should keep me busy for awhile. I will be posting pictures as I get done with each project. I should have my sewing machine back after Thanksgiving.

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