Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our pumpkin carving adventure

Not really an adventure at all. The boys had fun scooping out the insides and they were done with the whole thing. They said they wanted a happy vampire pumpkin. They left the room and Hailey and I carved the face out. She wanted nothing to do with the goo inside. They were happy with the results. They wanted the seeds baked right away and having to wait till today was torture for them. This morning Logan and Hailey wanted me to make them a pumpkin pie. I said I did not have any pumpkin to make it with. their response was, "Go to Nani's and get some." I said, "We will never make it back in time to pick Gabriel up from school." Logan's response, "Well mom you will just have to drive faster, I know you can." That would have been an eight hour round trip. I think once we got there I would have never gotten them to come back home with me. They will have to wait till Thanksgiving to get there pumpkin pie.

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Christina said...

I love it all! They are so darn cute and funny! Come on mom drive fast;)