Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I have gotten their outfits and this weekend I want to take there picture for christmas, also there 3 month, 2.5 year, 4.5 year and 9 year pictures. I usually do not do very christmasy pictures but this year is different. I also usualy do them outside, but it is much to cold to stand out there while I am taking their picture. Our picture will just be our kids this year as I think most people really do not care to see my husband or I:) My husband will be gone all weekend deer hunting, so I will have plenty of time for our pictures. I got all of there stuff from Old Navy and it is oh so cute, yes the girls are going to match and the boys are going to match, get over it! I really hope it turns out cute. I think I have decided on a green backround and maybe some on a grey or black, but I think the green will be a little brighter.

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