Friday, November 14, 2008

My house

My mother-in-law is suppose to be coming up tomorrow to take us to lunch. I really hope we are meeting at the restaurant. My husband will not mind her coming in our house, his only request is to make sure the beer bottles are off the counter and taken outside. Our house looks like a tornado hit it. The kids are sick of being stuck in the house and keep making forts and jungle gyms out of my couch cushions, I have a large u-shaped couch(lots of cushions). Their toys are everywhere and to get my 4yo and 2yo to pick up is like asking a mountain to move. All summer my house stayed pretty clean, as clean as you can get a really small falling apart rental with 5 people in it.

My kitchen on the other hand, also messy and in need of cleaning up. Here is my theory for that one, we use to eat out pretty much every night, easy clean up, just toss in trash. I know make supper pretty much every night, makes for messy kitchen, lots of dishes and the dishwasher can not keep up. I know every night I should clean up the kitchen before bed, but I have a 2 month old baby that loves her mommy so much she does not want to give her up for an hour to clean at night. She will soon be more independent and I will miss this excuse terribly, so for now that is my excuse.

My point you may be asking by know... my mother-in -law comes to our house very little. Two of the times she has come and seen my house messy the next time she sees me she gives me all her old cleaning supplies, if that is not a hint at what she is trying to tell me then I do not know what is. It bugs the crap out of me and my husband thinks it is funny. She is not a women that should be taking, do not even get me started on how she raised her kids. I guess I should go clean, but holds my baby and playing on the computer is so much more fun! Oh yeah on top of all this we have been going to hockey practices 5 days a week, thank goodness after this week it drops to 3 days a week.

*UPDATE (in the pm) the living room and kids room are clean... and they are coming here to eat and not taking us out... I guess I will be getting cleaning products for Christmas(would not be bad but they always have bleach in them and bleach and I do not get along, the bleach always wins, ask my clothes).

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