Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life has been crazy...

I am a very mellow person, I like to lay back and relax and watch the world around me. That my friends is not what life has been about lately. I have had to get a project ready for MOPS, finish up my Christmas presents (I have my mom doing a lot of the shopping for it, it makes sence for it all to just stay in MN, easier to hide!) I also want to do some baking and well that takes some time and people home to help me. We have hockey three nights a week and now games almost every weekend. Soon it will all be over and I will miss it, but at the same time love being able to sit back and watch again. Today I should be doing more then sitting at the computer and watching my children play, right now one is an owl and the other is a duck... it is so much fun the watch them interact with one another and not have it be yelling, screaming and fist throwing.

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