Sunday, December 21, 2008

A "Stuck" Day

This morning we got a call from my BIL who wanted us to come down for his daughters Christmas program and to open gifts. We said sure and proceeded to get ready. We were all in the van and started out the driveway, we made it. Then we tried taking on the ally, we had a snow storm yesterday and the snow has been blowing. We got stuck at the top of the ally... 20 minutes later and no help to me my husband got us out of the ally. We made it down to the church(about an hour away) and then to their house. As we were getting finished up opening gifts we got a call from my husbands uncle, he was stuck with his truck out on the lake and need a tow. We came home and my husband got his truck. He had to pull his truck out and park the van at the bottom of the driveway... the drifts are too deep to get the van through and we can not get a hold of the landlord to get the driveway plowed out.My husband got his truck in to the ally and found that his tire was flat... I sure hope he makes it to the gas station and then to where his uncle is. We talked to his aunt and the story goes that his uncle left the house to go "shopping" how he ended up 20 miles away on a lake... well my guess would be that he was bored and really did not want to go back to his in laws:)

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