Friday, January 16, 2009

21 Weeks

My baby is 21 weeks, I meant to post this last week she was 20 weeks, but that did not happen. Last week Malia had her first ear infection. Hailey never had one ear infection, Logan would get pink eye every time he had an ear infection(it was great having a visual indicator) and Gabriel had many until they took his tonsils and adenoids out, who knew that would help so much. Gabriel also had a real snoring problem and super bad breath all the time. I do not think Malia is completely over her cold/ear infection, but she is working on it:) Her favorite pass time lately is watching her brothers and sister play while she swings and watching her daddy play on the computer. She is so much fun with her talking and cooing. She loves to tell her daddy stories of our day and pull on his beard.

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