Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleepy Child

My second child is a very active little boy. He runs and runs and then just crashes. For the last two Thanksgivings he has not been able to eat dinner. In 2007, he fell asleep at the dinner table, yes, sitting at the table sound asleep. In 2008, he fell asleep as we were getting dinner on the table, we look over he was sound asleep on the couch. This year when his sister was first born he wanted to hold her all the time. Twice he fell asleep holding her, like this...

This is at my parents when he fell asleep watching TV with the dogs.
He was also my baby that hated the bottle, I I have had only one to actually like it. He had to go to daycare(his Nani's House) when he was little and she would get the bottle all ready for him and start feeding him, which he did not like, so he would just fall asleep and most days sleep them till I got back to the house. Now if he does not want to eat his meal, he falls asleep... I hope he does not do that when he starts school, hehe.

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