Friday, January 23, 2009

The Snow Safety/Death Talk

We live in South Dakota and this year we have gotten a lot of snow. Once it is plowed it makes some pretty high hills. With high hills kids like to build tunnels in those hills. In a town not to far from us a group of kids did that. Once they were done they were enjoying themselves running over up the hill, down the hill and through the tunnel. After doing this for a while the tunnel structure weakened and collapsed on a girl. From the trauma of the collapse on her and her being buried in there for quite sometime, she did not make it out alive. My son had heard about this at school and last night came to me with many questions. His first was, where was an adult? I then had to explain how some children can play at the park with just kids around. Then there was, why did they not dig her out or go for help? I do not know the logistics to answer that question, but it did enable me to then teach him a very important lesson about going and getting an adult in the sign of trouble, even if you think you could get in trouble for something. I do not know if that was what happened, but she was under there for sometime. It also allowed me the time to explain that when your friends do something that you think could hurt some one of could be dangerous, so get an adult or leave the group and find some where else to play. I try to use as many examples as possible to teach him to be his own leader and not just follow others. I want him to make choices for himself and not be influenced by others. He ended to conversation by saying, wow, her mom and dad must be really sad, I sure would be. It made me cry and that was then end of it.

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