Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have figured out I need to loos 45 lbs by the end of summer. To me that is July 31, 2009. I have started running every other day and trying to walk on the off day. I also need to start eating less. I love carbs and could snack on them all day long... time to stop! I have all this great cloth that I can not wear and would love to wear again. I am done having children and it is time to get back to a size I can feel comfortable about.

When I am done BFing and the size I want to be, I will be making this dress for myself. Now I will be finding fabric and what not for it... I think it might be my simple black dress?

My sister went in the hospital today. She is 35.5 weeks along with her twins. Her BP keeps creeping up so they want to keep an eye on things. I just pray they are safe and baby Mitch flips back around and is ready to come out. She wants to try to avoid a c-section and I pray she can do that. EEK! I am so excited for her.

Yup, that is about all that has been on my mind today.

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