Friday, May 15, 2009

Fearless Friday- Meatloaf Addition

Meatloaf, I always despised it as a kid. I there was just something about the look of it that made it unappealing to me. At some point I decided to try making it, let say about 5-6 years ago (yes that is the time I had to start cooking on my own). I first, second and well many attempts went terribly wrong. They did not have any flavor and well I found out you can not had cubed bread to replace bread crumbs. Also found out that you have to flavor that stuff or it is just ground meat, egg and cubed bread, YUK! Another one of my troubles was that I thought it needed to go into a loaf pan and well all that grease on top was just gross and often spilled over into the oven. Yeah, partly the cause of Oven Fire 2004.

A few years pasted with no meat loaf in sight and last year I decided to try my hand at it again. This time I started with this recipe and after making it exactly like that and it turning out fabulous I started to add other things. It is impossible for me follow recipes exactly, it is in my genes not to, watch my dad cook. We eat meatloaf often now and I have found that you can play with the flavor of it much like your can play with the flavor of hamburgers. Yes, I know they are practically the same, but I struggled with meatloaf, but could make amazing hamburgers, go figure.
My Meatloaf:
2 lbs ground beef
2 eggs
a shake or two of bread crumbs
about 2-4 T of steak/hamburger seasoning
few squirts of Ketchup and Mustard
cheese (I love cheese in everything and if I have it I will put it in there)
I mix everything but the cheese and split it in two. I take one half and put it on a cookie sheet (I think that is what it is called, the one with little sides) and shape it like a loaf with a little canal running down the middle. In the canal I put the cheese and cover with the second half, so you can not see any of the cheese. On top I put layer of mustard and a layer of Ketchup. Pop it in the oven for 45-60 minutes at 350 degrees and I get very tasty meatloaf. I know you looked at the recipe I started with and the one I just wrote down and they are nothing alike. I just needed and place to start and that was a great one and from there I made it my own.

Sorry there are no pictures, I mean really... meatloaf, not very photogenic.


ToyLady said...

Sometimes, when I'd buy ground beef in bulk, I'd used to make a BUNCH of meatloaf and freeze it. Then I would use the same mixture for meatballs, too.

Heather Solos said...

Angie, thanks so much for participating in Fearless Friday. Now tell Malia to grow out of that wheat allergy and to stop making life difficult. ;) Let me know if there is anything I can do.