Tuesday, May 12, 2009


-I want to plant my garden... I get one this year and need to get it going. It will be little as the landlord has allowed a little part of the yard to be used. Just need to get it tilled so I can get planting.

-I have many sewing projects
*curtains for sister's basement
*blanket for Malia
*blanket for Grady
*quilt for Brendan (I need to find Yankie fabric that is cotton)
*baby wipes
*a t-shirt quilt for my brother

-We have one computer in the house. A few months ago that was fine. I had the computer during the day while Todd was at work and Gabriel was at school, but times have changed and Logan has started playing and summer is coming. I now have to sneak my way on the computer and hope nobody notices. I really need to start saving for another computer, like a laptop that I could take outside with me:)

-Malia in the last week has reached so many milestones. My baby is growing and it kind of makes me sad... no more little baby stage:(
*she crawls with speed
*she stands up to anything she can get her hands on
*she has three teeth (two on the bottom and one on top)
*she is eating baby food twice a day

-I started reading again. I am hoping Gabriel sees this and starts picking more books up himself. I think it would help more with his dad also read as he loves to do anything Todd is doing. I love to read and it drives me crazy that he is neither of them are more into it. I am reading books by Terry Pratchett right now. There are many books by this author, so I will probably be reading them at least through the summer.

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Together We Save said...

Love your randomness. Sweet picture BTW.