Monday, June 15, 2009

What a weekend!

I went to MN on Wednesday. I had one goal and two events that were planned while I was there. The goal was to find a car and the events was my little brothers graduation and open house. That was it, lots of playing outside, swimming in the hotel pool and playing with cousins. The drive there was great, we left about 6 am and did not have to stop for the four hour trip. About an hour after we got there I heard the cry of my oldest daughter, my first thought was, oh, now what, she cry A LOT. After meeting her at the door I learned that she was crying for a legit reason, she was bleeding from the part of her nose between her eyes. Her brother was swing a stick and Hailey got in the line of fire. After cleaning it up we found the source of the blood would need a trip to the ER to put back together. This trip was short, only taking 1.5 hours. On Thursday my little brother graduated and as that night went on Hailey cut looked like it was getting a blister under the glue. I call the ER and they told me to bring her back in, so at 11pm, after we got the other kids back to the hotel and calmed down with their aunt, we headed back to the ER. We were seen after sitting there for 3 hours and were out of there an hour later. It turned out that there was something still in the cut and it was infected. The glue was peeled off and the cut was sliced back open and allowed to drain. We are hoping for not a huge scar. The rest of the weekend was just busy. Saturday was Eric open house and Sunday was Brendan's birthday party. There was no car bought this weekend, but my car made it back home and hopefully soon I will have a new to me car (OK, big SUV that fits the whole family and drives through snow)

There will be more post about last weeks events, there are a lot of pictures.

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