Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Check List...

As Christmas creeps closer and closer I thought I should make and list and check it twice. I feel good that I have completed enough and should not have a mad rush Christmas eve. I have also managed to make all the gifts given to Todd's side of the family and about half of my side. Next year I might have to try for 80% of gifts made, but I am going to have to find some more great ideas for that to happen or learn to knit.
All hand crafted gifts made-Check
All presents in SD wrapped- Check
All presents in MN wrapped- (Wed.)
Rolls made for school- check
Peppermint bark made for MN- check
House clean-
*living room-check
*kids room- check
*parent room- check
Dog bathed- Check
Kitty liter cleaned- (Tue)
Bags packed- (Tue)
Laundry done- (Mon)
Diapers washed- (Tue)
All gifts bought- Check
Truck Packed- (Tue)

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