Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lesson Learned

I have been working on baking and cooking more and more. This week I made Calzones for supper. I made the pizza crust and set in on the stove to rise. At the same time I turn on the oven to begin preheating it. My mistake...I did not realize that I set the bowl on the burner that vents the oven. I came back 20 minutes later to check my dough and then went on the split it and roll it out and the dough on the bottom of the bowl was baked. I was able to save most of the dough and toss the baked stuff before others walked in the kitchen, but I have learned my lesson... make sure the bowl of dough that is rising is not on the burner that vents the oven.

I am fairly new to the kitchen and I am an over all klutz. Mishaps seem to fallow me every where, yes even into the kitchen. This is nothing new to my family, I was really glad I was able to save most of it. I also did not burn any thing that night. That is a trade mark for me, I am so afraid of under cooking something and getting everyone sick that I tend to make sure everything I cook is well done. I did not burn these... I was very proud about that.

If you want some great recipes go and check out Home Ec 101. I get 3-4 of my meals a week from that site, yes some are repeats, but when you have children and you find a recipe they love it is a great thing.

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