Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cloth Diapering-washing

I have tried many different ways of washing cloth diapers. This is the system that works for us. I store the soiled diapers in a flip top trash can with a liner. Right now my daughter is exclusively breastfeed, so I just throw the soiled diapers in the bin I have for them. For past babies once they started eating solids I just shook the diaper over the toilet and then put them in the bin. On to washing...

1) Start a cold cycle and add 1/4 oz laundry detergent, I use Allen's Natural

2) Take diapers out of the liner and remove inserts out of the diaper, put in washer along with the liner once everything is removed

3) Start a hot cycle (every week or two I add 1-2 scoops of Oxi-Clean to this cycle)

4) Start a hot cycle(this could be a warm or cold cycle), this just makes sure everything is off the diapers and gives them one final rinse.

5)Remove from washer and put in dryer

6)On low dry for 40 minutes

7) Take out out sides of pocket diapers, diaper covers and liner

8) On low dry about 60 more minutes of until everything else is dry

9) Take out of dryer and stuff pocket diapers and put everything away.

I wash every other day to every two days. I have 15 pocket diapers and 6 doublers with prefolds that I use with covers (I have 4 of). I also have three dozen wipes. I usually wash when she is down to two to three diapers, sometimes that is more often then others. I know there are many ways to wash cloth diapers and just about every cloth diaper retailer has a different way to wash them. I used the trial method and picked which one worked best for us. This was the winner!


Christina said...

That does not seem that hard to do. It might be time consuming but it would save alot of money in the long run with two babies. I am surly going to try!

Angela said...

not really time consuming, you just need to remember to turn on the washer and dryer:)

Christina said...

Knowing me I will forget:) Okay maybe not. I am so excited to trying all this cool things I have been storing up and opserving you and Stacy. I just can't wait, come on babies grow:) I am so excited to finally be a mommy ok you know that!