Monday, November 3, 2008

Cloth Diapering-what I made

When I cloth diapered my two middle children I did not like how bulky the prefolds where on them. For my last I decided to make some fitted type diapers for her.
They had a inside and out side layer of flannel (it was flannel I had left over from making PJs one year for Christmas) and four middle layers of microfiber cloth (the rags you get in the automotive part to the store). For the first month or so these worked great. I would put that on her with a NB cover over it. After that they were getting a little small so I turned them in to a doubler by wrapping a prefold on the out side of the fitted diaper.

This is great for at night because it absorbs so much. I have 6 of these that I use. I use them along with the BumGenius diapers.

The other thing I made for our cloth diapering adventure was wipes. These were so easy and again made out of the left over flannel. I cut 6 inch squares and zigzag stitched two together. They were really quick to do and are so nice. I keep them in a wipes warmer along with water and baby bits.
They work so well and on the go I either just grab some of the wet ones and put them in a bag or take some that are dry along with a small spray bottle of the solution.

I made this stuff slowly over the last part of my pregnancy. I diapers took a little bit of working to get the pattern right and my daughter thought it was fun because after I would try them on her cabbage patch doll to see how they would fit.

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