Monday, December 15, 2008

The Boys and Their Hockey

(sorry about back round noise and shaking)

This is Gabriel's game. He had one game in Aberdeen this past Saturday. It is easier to pick him out in the end... Black helmet and yellow socks. This is Gabriel's fifth year playing hockey, he played two years in MN and now this is his third out here. He loves it and has never complained about going to practice and skating anytime for that matter.

The next one is Logan. He had two games in Aberdeen this past Saturday. He did pretty good as this was his first game and he has only been skating for three weeks. It was fun to watch and he enjoyed it out there. He is in a white helmet and white socks... his dad forgot to put the one sock back down after tying his skates so he has one up and one down. We really have to keep him wearing all his padding. On Sunday he was playing on a small table in our living room and fell off of it backwards and hit the corner of the wall. In the middle of a blizzard I got to drive him to the ER for 5 staples in the back of his head. My van would not start, luckily the truck did and it was a very good thing it had 4 wheel drive, my van would have never made it there and it is not that far away.

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