Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have completed one tutu... it is so cute and Hailey loves it. It was really easy to put together, the longest part was cutting it out. Here is each girl wearing the same tutu. I know it fits Hailey much better then Malia, but I think it looks really cute on her.
Here is what I did:
Cut tulle 6" wide by 18" long(this fit my 2yo well), cut 1/4" elastic 1" smaller then waist intended for. Sew elastic ends together overlapping about 1". I used three of the tulle strips per section(just bunched them together and folded together). I folded the tulle strips in half and wrapped around elastic, by pulling the two ends through the folded hole. Pull tulle tight and continue around elastic making sure they are close together. When I make one for my baby it will be 6"x8" and a smaller waist. It was a very quick project, only taking about an hour and required minimal sewing.

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