Friday, May 29, 2009

Fearless Friday- Beef Stroganoff

This week I made a great beef stroganoff, well it was better the second day, but the next time I make it there will be some fixes. My day started by making some cream of mushroom soup. It turned out great and I was able to make it for the beef dish by making it with beef stock instead of chicken broth. Here is how I made my beef stroganoff.
(all these dishes did drive me nuts!)

Beef Stroganoff
2-3 lbs stew meat
olive oil

1 med. onion
4-6 fresh mushrooms

11oz. beef stock
11oz. cream of mushroom soup

1 cup sour cream

brown or white rice

Dust meat with flour and fry in olive oil. Remove from pan and add the diced onions and mushrooms. Add the meat back in and pour in the beef stock and soup. Simmer covered for about 30 minutes. While that simmered I made the rice. I stired in the sour cream right before serving. Next time I will mix the same up to the point of simmering and at that point I will put it into the crockpot and leave it there on low for a few hours. The meat was very tough and need more time cooking to tenderize it. I loved serving it over rice because the rice soked up all the sauce. I also cooked the rice in half water half beef stock, so there was extra flavor there too.

I do need some ideas for the rest of the cream of mushroom soup. I am pretty sure I will not be buying canned cream of ______ anytime soon. It was very easy to make, even if you do not follow the directions exactly (one of my down falls) and mix the butter, mushrooms and flour together right away.

Yes, there was some downfalls to this dish, but all in all it was a great dish that could have been better by either using a more tender cut of meat or cooking the meat that I had longer.

Side note: I do not cook with fresh onion ver often. I did with this recipe and I had the whope house in tears. My husband and boys were whinning that they were not going to eat this if it tasted like onions and that their eyes hurt. It was funning and made me realize that I really need to start cooking more often using fresh stuff. Also they loved the dish and you could not taste the onion at all.


ToyLady said...

I love-love-love beef stroganoff! My husband doesn't eat mushrooms, though, so I always leave those out.

I like to slightly freeze the beef first, then slice it thin - I think it helps tenderize the tougher cuts - they don't quite so long get less tough.

And I've noticed the onions I've been using have seemed to be extra, um, potent lately - sometimes even scallions get my eyes watering! (I thought it was just me.)

Heather Solos said...

That sounds really good. I've got an excellent recipe for stroganoff around here somewhere, but it's going to have to wait until it's cooler out. (October)