Thursday, May 28, 2009

On My Mind

There have been many things on my mind the last few days, OK maybe longer then that. Sometimes when I write something down or tell some one answers arise and well I could really use some answers.

It is my husbands dream to start a hunting lodge somewhere. I would not mind that, but I do not want to be super old when that happens. Also I would have to learn to cook really great food or find a really good cook I could handle working with, yikes. I know your are thinking what the heck, you don't even have land yet. I think of crazy things and really is cooking going to be the biggest factor in a hunting lodge, most likely not.

I need a new car/van/truck/SUV and well I am so afraid of picking the wrong one and dreading it for the next 8-10 years. I need a car that fits at least 6 and that has room for cargo. I have a mini-minivan right now and it works, but it SUCKS in the winter and trying to get in and out of the ally where we live. Since our winters last about 6 months of the year I am thinking of something in the AWD or 4WD category. We are looking into a 2003 Yukon xl right now and it is turning my stomach. Praying lots about this one... it would be a big purchase.

I want to start my own business. I know what I want to do and I know how to do it. I guess this one all comes down to money and if I want to take yet another chance at something that could not be as profitable as I am thinking it would be. Yes, I have failed at a few other attempts and am really thinking this one through and not just jumping in blindly.

My dryer is broke. It will not even turn on any more and that leaves me to hanging my laundry outside. I live on the corner of two very busy streets and everyone that drives be can see where the line is, I guess I will have underwear and socks hanging every where in the house. This also limits the amount of laundry I can do. I only have 30 feet of line and well that holds maybe 2 loads if I hang it right. If it is windy and sunny it drys fast, but as of lately is has been cloudy and calm, not the best drying conditions. I would tell the landlord that his dryer is broke, but I risk having our rent raised and I do not want that. I could really use that emergency fund we have been trying to start, hehe.

It is finally getting nice outside and well I love to be outside when it is sunny and nice. I have lots of sewing projects though and I am having a tough time getting started on them. I guess I should say my time management is struggling. I have so much to get done and instead of just doing it I sit on the computer secretly hoping it will just sew itself.

Those are just a few of the things on my mind that need a place to go. Here is hoping to a sunny day so I can get lots of laundry done and we can play outside, maybe even at the park.

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