Monday, June 8, 2009


I need this saying on a shirt for my youngest daughter. She is a begger and trys to get anyone and everyone to feed her, but she is allergic to wheat, oats and milk. At this point in time she can only have gluten free food that does not have milk in it. Right now breastmilk works best for us, she does not react to it, unless I over do food intake in one of those catagories, and it is easy for us. My kids are learning that if you feed sister something that you did not ask mom first, sister becomes very crabby and you miss out on that attention. I try to keep Malia friendly snacks in the house and so if some do get on the floor they will not hurt her. It is much harder when we go to other peoples houses and other people hold her.
I have never had this before so this id new for me. There are so many things in it that have wheat, oats or milk in it. I am hoping this weekend I can make it out to Whole Foods and get her some Malia friendly food.

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