Friday, July 31, 2009


to: ME

Yup, today is my Birthday. I use to love birthdays, they were great as a kid. My mom did day care and my birthday was in the summer.
When I lived closer to my family I would always at least get a cake or pie for my birthday and one or two presents... I love presents!

The last two years my little brother has been out here over my birthday. This was two fold...
1)a great babysitter so my husband and I could go out
2)a great person to hang out with on your birthday, he is a great guy
3)it was a fun little two year tradition

This year has kind of been a let down. My 5yo told me it most not be my birthday because no body made me a cake.

I'll let this year slide... my next two birthdays are big ones and I am expecting big things, even if I have to do it my self.

I will take this as a somber birthday and it kind of is. My last year being 20 something, yikes... I never thought this kind of stuff would effect me like it is, maybe it is just all in my head.

It is just a same old day with nothing different... I was really hoping for a coffee delivery this morning, I do not think my husband got the memo. I do hope he is well enough to take me out tonight, I am just asking for dinner, so I do not have to cook... that is all.

Many people did think of my today, which is very nice... I guess I am just bitter... heck I turned 29 today, it really does creep me out. I think of my self as young still, sometimes I have to remind myself I am not 18 anymore and I am a grown up. "shivers"

UPDATE: My husband took me out for dinner, without children, gave me a GC to get my tattoo and then we met up with our neighbors. It was a fun filled evening and I can not wait to get my tattoo, I have wanted one for many years. I just didn't get a b-day cake, I bet my Starbucks had just about the same amount of calories in it though.

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