Monday, August 3, 2009

Back on Track, Well Getting on a Track

I was making a list of gaols for the week over at Home-ec 101 and decided I should put it up here too. School starts in three weeks and one day. There are many things I need to get done and get on a good track.

1) I need to get back running, I left my shoes at my parents, but now they are back so I need to get out running again
2) Get back to only eating out 0-1 time a week, this last weekend we got a little carried away.
3) I did not do laundry all weekend and with 6 people in the house I have a ton to do and diapers to wash.
4) try to reorganize the toys… seriously too many of then for this house.
5) Three sewing projects -brothers quilt, sippy-cup leash and a marker roll

There is much more, but this is the stuff that is the top of my list.

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