Wednesday, September 30, 2009

T-Shirt Quilt

One of my projects this summer was to make a t-shirt quilt for my little brother. He graduated from High School this year and for his gift I made him a quilt for his bed at school. I used about 19-20 t-shirts and then some fabric. For the backing I used fleece to make it nice and warm. There is medium weight batting inside, so that along with the fleece there is a little poof to it. I hand quilted it as sewing around the outside was too much of a work out for my sewing machine.
Out of two of the t-shirts (they had smaller logos) I made the girls skirts. To do this I cut the t-shirt from the bottom up to the length I wanted it+1.5 inches. After that you measure down 1.5 inches and fold it in and sew it up, leaving an opening to put the elastic in. I also sewed around the top of it before putting the elastic in. I used 3/4" elastic. Sew the hole shut and sew a few places verticaly and you have a cute little girls skirt.


sara b said...

That is an awesome quilt! I really want to make a quilt but am intimidated by the binding. How did you bind this one? What kind of sewing machine do you have? (the skirts are so cute!)

Angela said...

I did not bind this one. I did bind a few others I have made... it was easy once I figured it out, the first time I went about it the wrong way and then turned to the internet. I usually sew the binding to the quilt with the binding next to the backing and the turn it to the front and either sew around the edge or hand sew it so it is a hidden stitch. I have a brother sewing machine.